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Rangate @ Felder Anaheim 2018

We'll be the house at the Felder Anaheim Open House this Fall, and we're bringing our tools with us!

Felder Anaheim Open House
3531 E. MIRALOMA Avenue, UNIT A, Anaheim, CA 92806​​​​​​​
October 25-26 (Thursday-Friday), 8am – 6pm

We're going to have fun and learn a lot on the two days of this open house event. Our good friend John F. will be in the building manning the shaper as we have a couple days of great LIVE shaper/saw demos. We're looking forward to getting deep into the setup tips and guides that let you get the most out of our world-class cutters. Everything we're bringing will be available at great prices for you to take home, so it could be a great opportunity to do a little early Christmas shopping for your shop...

We're going all-out for the last 10 weeks of our 10-year anniversary. You'll be able to catch us in just about every part of the country, with our team turning up at events across the US and Canada. Stay tuned to our social media to keep up with where we'll be next!

Registration for this event is free, and lunch is provided.

Register for the Open House
Felder Format 4 Shaper at Anaheim Open House
Event Details

Event Details

Felder Showroom​​​​​​​
3531 E. MIRALOMA Avenue, UNIT A, Anaheim, CA 92806​​​​​​​
October 25-26 (Thursday-Friday), 8am – 6pm


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